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Every horse owner has a once-in-a-lifetime horse. Mine is Kannon, a 16-year-old Hanoverian gelding I bought as a two-year-old. This horse has loved his job from day one, and he’s carried me more miles and won more blue ribbons than all my other horses put together....When the vet diagnosed Kannon with moon blindness, or equine recurrent uveitis, I was equally stunned and devastated..... I knew that the combination of unrelenting pain, steroids, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs was putting him at high risk for stress-induced laminitis or gastric ulcers. I had spent thousands of dollars on the very best veterinary care and pharmaceuticals available, and he wanted me to believe that a supplement would help? And in a couple of days, no less?  I started Kannon on Serraquin ES15 immediately, and just as my farrier predicted, his eye was dramatically better in a couple of days. The discharge from his eye was completely gone by day two, and by day three he was no longer squinting.....Read More with Full Length Article
~Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH




This is a great supplement my horses & dogs are all on it. My Border collie was lame for a year, and I took her everywhere, they wanted to operate on her shoulder they said it would cost between 7 to 10 thousand, I talked to Brad, and I decided to try it, in eight weeks she was not limping at all, and she’s been sound and is staying sound. I’m a true believer in this product.

~Carol Kerstetter



'I have a similar story rotation and sinking of coffin bone. I tried bute and icing etc.…she was just getting worse. Now, with Serraquin, 1gram of Bute, and great rehab farrier program, she’s literally running and bucking!!!!In a week we will just do Serraquin. 💪💪👏👏

I should show you videos of her recovery in only three weeks. It’s literally a miracle. She has significant rotation and sinking of the coffin bone. Her radiographs were terrifying. I couldn’t get her out of the inflammation cycle with Bute and icing alone. She’s isn’t metabolic either…this is mechanical laminitis from the Farrier. He trimmed her, she couldn’t walk the next day. I thought she was just a little tender, but weeks later she still couldn’t walk.

-Amy W.




I am reaching out to tell about our success story!
I do not have videos and wish I did. I have an 8 yr old mare that has had chronic lameness in a front foot due to a shoeing problem as a 4 yr old. A farrier thinned her soles out to much and she experienced trauma to her foot. We have lived in pads for quite a while, and as a 6 yr old we pulled pads off and bred her. We sill showed her in NRCHA and RHAA shows, that year and ranch rodeo off her that year, then the issue returned. We turned her out August of 2022 and she had a colt Spring of 2023. We weaned a colt this November and started legging her back up. There seemed to be no issues then several weeks in she started showing lameness again in both front feet. Upon taking her to the vet, x-rays came back and showed some bruising in the toe of left front foot and a very small amount of calcification in her right front. We injected right front and put pads back on. She was great for 4 days then couldn't walk again. I was desperate to get her right and tried this. Within a week of feeding Serraquin ES15 (No other changed were made) there was a noticeable difference and within 2 weeks we are walking sound and legging back up again. I truly think this has made a world of difference! It is worth the price!

~Maegan T.




This stuff works! I have a 20 yr old QH mare, ex-Reiner. She has arthritis in her knees, fetlocks, stifles, and hocks. 2 yrs ago she tore her DDFT, Suspensory ligament, and check ligament, left hind. We did stem cell therapy and almost a yr off riding. She’s also had several bad cellulitis cases in both hinds over the past 5 yrs. She had a lot of swelling in that left hind. We also did stifle injections. She was on Previcox daily. She was still stiff and short striding. When she walked she walked on her left hind toe, never fully putting her full hoof on the ground. After 2 containers of Serraquin ES-15, she walks normally! Swelling is gone. She’s much more fluid in her movement and has ALOT of pep in her step. I’m hoping I can start trail riding her soon! What a great product!

~Pennie Deason Causey



I was ready to put my mare down and my daughter read about this formula and the great results that people were having with their horses. She’s walking so good now and even trotted in the round pen which she hasn’t been able to do in over a couple of years. Love the results that we’re getting 🙏❤️🥰

~Diane S.



“This is a Fantastic Product! I typically don’t do testimonials but here goes…I started my 26 yr. retired field hunter on this in early December. She’s a Clyde/TB and has arthritis and ringbone in her front fetlocks, with decreasing range of motion in both. She’s been on previcox for the last four years with moderate effectiveness. She’s been injected as well with little change. I ride her occasionally and she takes a good 10 minutes of slow walk flat work for her to loosen up. And even then, she’s stubby in the front and we haven’t really slow walking downhill. We do mostly a working walk on the flat with brief trot sets to keep her muscle tone in reasonable shape. I hadn’t ridden her at all since starting the 𝗦𝗘𝗥𝗥𝗔𝗤𝗨𝗜𝗡 but noticed in the pasture a few days ago that she was trotting the most fluid circles on uneven ground without effort, tripping or lameness. 𝗜 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗻'𝘁 𝘀𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗹𝗶𝗸e 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝗻 𝗮 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲. Got on her today and I have a different horse! 𝗦𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿𝘄a𝗿𝗱, 𝗳𝗹𝘂𝗶𝗱, 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗳𝗳, 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗵𝗲𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝘁𝗼 𝗴𝗼 𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗹𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘁𝗿𝗼𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗴 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗽𝗮𝘀𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 𝗯𝘂𝗱𝗱𝘆 without me asking her to step up. 𝗜'𝗺 𝘁𝗿𝘂𝗹𝘆 𝗔𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗲𝗱 and thankful for what this has done for her. Nothing has changed but the addition of this supplement. Don’t hesitate to give it a try. I wish I had when I first started seeing it on FB.”

-♥︎Sandra C.



I started using your product for my old FEI dressage horse. He had recovered from a suspensory injury but as he got older needed some help with stiffness and making his gait look fluid rather than of an older horse. I had to search outside of the box when he got Lymes, and his kidney levels weren’t great so showing on Banamine wasn’t an option anymore. It’s been a year on Serraquin now and at 23 years old he is still teaching the kids all the upper-level stuff and gets 7 for gait score at rated shows. I was sold right there.

Then I put a second horse from a client on it as well, a 6 yr. OTTB that was so lame everywhere I didn’t know where to start. The owner is happily planning her first dressage clinic because I gave the green light as he is quite sound now. Then I told my mother-in-law to put her 13 yr. Airedale dog on it because he was on Previcox and couldn’t move and had skin conditions. He is off the Pevicox and looks so comfortable. Skin issues went away. Now I put a new client's horse on it a 17 yr. old western horsemanship gelding with arthritis and navicular.

I’m such a fan of your product and have so many on it! 

~Simone H.

Dreamfield Farm

Curious Dog


Giddy Up western wear sold me Serraquin for my dog. He tore his cruciate ligament on his left back leg. I was afraid with his weight the right one was getting week too. He is now walking on 4 solid legs and playing with our border collie again. He is no longer in pain, but I am keeping him on another bottle of it to make sure he stays sound.

~Connie Volk



I called a former barn mate about a month ago to get the name of this product because I remembered her telling me how fantastic they thought it was for their hunter jumpers. When I read the label, it said it was for great for lameness. My guy isn’t lame, but he is an 18-year-old Holsteiner I bought a year ago spring to work on beginning dressage. We live in Michigan and the winters are cold and damp. Whatever his previous life, his joints were stiff last winter, so we did a popular course of injections. Even though we have not gotten into the really cold weather, and he’s only been a month on this product, I’ve noticed he is moving much better … so well, in fact, that I’m hoping we won’t need to do the injections at all this winter. He’s also a very picky eater who will stop eating if he doesn’t like the taste or smell of a supplement. I discovered that last year after having bought a quantity that I’m now, fortunately, able to give to our dog. No problems at all combining this supplement with his food. I’m ordering again and am happy to have found what I think is the right product for us.

~Cate S.



I had a hairline fracture on my 3-year-old and within 5 weeks you could no longer tell where it was located. I love the product. I also barrel race. My 8-year-old frees him up and makes him feel good. 

~Gay Y.

Melissa-B-Serraquin -Review.jpg



I will honestly tell you just give it a try for at least a month (finish up the entire container). I’ve been using this for a year now with my horse who had a complete tear of his DDFT and SFT on his left hind. He looked like the absolute worst case of permanent wind puffs you have ever seen. When I first started him on Serraquin, I felt it significantly reduced the excess inflammation in that hind. I’m not saying it got rid of it completely, because I don’t think that will ever be possible, but the only time I have seen his leg look somewhat normal is on Serraquin. I also feel he moves much smoother and not stiff. I did take him off it for several months, because it is kind of expensive and I wanted to try some of the other similar claiming supplements out there. In my gut, I felt I was wasting time with the other stuff, and I got him back on Serraquin. I’m a normal person, a real customer, with a 15-year-old retired rope horse who will probably stay on this stuff forever. I can’t tell you it’s going to magically transform you horse, but I HIGHLY suggest you give it a try.!

~Melissa B.

Serraquin for MoonBlindness-Testimomial.jpg



This supplement helps moon blindness my Appaloosa eyesight has improved so has her arthritis. I followed instructions doubled the dosage she was walking and trotting with no soreness in 8 days this is big for my mare she was so sore and stiff before.

~Melody Francour

Terry-L -Serraquin Review.jpeg



I wish I had known about this 5 years ago. It would have reduced the pain that my Cushing's appendix quarter horse had. I use this on my quarter horse that has degenerative suspensory ligament damage, and it keeps him in a comfort zone that gives him a good quality of life. Try it, it cannot harm only help!!

~Toni M.



I checked my mare who has gone blind over the summer. 13 weeks ago, she still saw shadows, didn't flinch when approached. 7 weeks ago, Farrier was here, he approached her side, then touched her, she freaked. TODAY, 5 DAYS ON THIS. Her bluing has gone away over half the size. SHE CAN SEE!! WOW!

~Shannon Tetzlaff Fugere



Getting ready to order my 2nd container - we are doing a 2-week loading dose. My 22 yr. old gelding is recovering from his 1st laminitis episode diagnosed 14 days ago and I started him on this 10 days ago while he was still taking Bute but I can't help but believe that adding this to his regime bolstered his recovery. This video was taken yesterday - exactly 2 weeks after being diagnosed and 10 days after starting Serraquin ES. I was concerned that he wouldn't eat it, but he gobbles it right down.

~Val W.




 I had my 24-year-old mare on, well many supplements, started her on this and slowly stopped everything else. Having a 24-year-old ride like a five-year-old, all of the issues she has had for the last 5 years gone! I have had her treated for just about everything, wish I had come across this years ago.

~Lisa H.




Serraquin ES15 has been amazing for my mules and donkey and I hope to get the same results for my dog!  Just ordered my 4th container and highly recommend it!

~Terry L.



I have used this product for almost a year. Unfortunately, my daughter's mare got injured and fractured her Pastern at high school rodeo. She’s been in a cast for 5 months and just got her cast off now in a Kimzey splint. Our mare had been on zero pain meds this whole time other than initially when she was injured, she was on bute maybe 5 rounds. She is healing and beating the odds. There’s been zero inflammation and she is on zero pain meds. I believe in this product in all seasons. I believe it’s a good preventative and also if you have an injured horse is great too. It’s just amazing stuff like a miracle. I’m grateful to God that I discovered it! It’s a staple in our barn and I won’t go back! We love this for our girls! 🐴 I also recommended it to a friend with a horse with EPM so if you have a horse newly diagnosed it would be worth a try to start using this product! I am a believer, and I won’t go back! Some things work and some don’t! This stuff definitely works!

~Kristy R.



We switched our 22-year-old Appy to this when we were considering putting her down. She couldn’t walk from her stall to the pasture. Within weeks she was a completely different horse. Dropped significant weight (which she needed) and now runs around her pasture with her pasture mate!! Literally saved her life!! It is expensive - but worth it!!

~Dawn Par K.




Steel Horse Formulations glad I saw this again... I did by this and fed only one scoop a day to my mare. No loading. I went to see her (she's boarded) the other day and since I had not paid much attention because I guess I didn't really think it would work.... anyway she seems to be standing and walking normally! I can hardly believe it! I bought some more for my gelding with Cushings and arthritis and a bit of navicular.

~Maria L.



My horse Dakota, a mustang I’ve had for 15 years contracted EPM twice in 6 months. After her full recovery I found Seraquine SE 15 will researching products that may help if she was to relapse. She then contracted EPM a second time & it was so much worse than the 1st bout. I truly thought I would have to have her put down. Treatment for her was never questioned and I started right away. I also ordered the Seraquine SE 15 with hopes it would help. 4 weeks later my horse has been able to finally lie down for the first time since February and actually sunbathe!! She isn’t 100% but I believe she is on her way because of your product.

~Bonnie L.



Good morning! I’ve been using Serraquin on my 21 year old head horse who has arthritis in his front right. He has since been retired, but my daughter rides him. He went from a strong, visible limp to appearing visibly sound. After seeing success with him, I started a loading dose on our 15-year-old heel horse that ended up with a sore back after a saddle switch and breaking in some strong, fresh steers. I started the loading dose on Monday morning, and you could barely touch the dorsal side without him moving away. It’s now Friday and this morning I was able the press all around his back with absolutely no pain at all. I’m so grateful that Matt Sherwood turned me on to this product!

~Lacey P.




This is a miracle supplement! My horse who suffered from being foundered by another person was so lame took tiny little steps is now after being on this for less than a month takes big strides bucking running and playing like he is 2, he’s 23. Recommended to all my horse peeps. THANK YOU!

~Denise G.




I'm amazed and so thankful to have found you all & your product! I have a mare that tore her meniscus at a rodeo. We have been through extensive treatment & rehab options and she just wasn't healing on the time frame that her vet expected. At one point, after 10 months, I was told to breed her & give her another year. Then I found Serraquin ES 15 & a good friend who got us going on a physical therapy program. Now, at one year post injury, 2 months after starting Serraquin, and 6 weeks of Physical Therapy, her meniscus is completely healed & we are advancing to riding her again! We still have more work to do, but the difference and improvements she's made in these past 2 months are truly amazing!!! She truly ran across the pasture this week for the first time since her injury and has jumped a huge hurdle that we couldn't get over previously in how sound she looks daily. I'm ecstatic, so thankful, and super hopeful to get her back completely.  THANK YOU!.

~Nisha K.




"My heart horse sustained a career ending stifle injury in February 2022. We have and continue to do everything we can to keep her comfortable & give her the best retirement possible. We have literally tried more supplements than you can count, trying to find the best possible option for her. After just 14 days on Serraquin ES-15 she is more comfortable than she has been in over a year. She is standing comfortably with weight on all four feet. I literally cried happy tears the first time I noticed her standing so soundly last week. I cannot thank Brad & his team enough for the relief this product has already given her, as well as myself. I will be adding this product to my gelding’s feeding program as well. If you are on the fence about trying this product, don't be. Try it! You will not be sorry you did."

~Mandi B.

Serraquin-Review-Ashley A.jpg



"My 16 yr old POA mare started her battle with insidious uveitis 12/22. She was going to see the ophthalmologist every two weeks. Burr kerectomys once a month (sometimes twice a month) and multiple different ointments multiple times per day. She was struggling with over mineralization, ulceration, cataracts, scarring of the eye. I started her 4/28 on Serraquin ES15 after a chat on the phone with Brad (found this supplement in the "blind horses" FB group). I decided to give this a try and for the first time since December she is finally comfortable. She has ZERO inflammation and her eyes have calmed down and she is down to two ointments (EDTA & Optimmune) vs the 5-6 she was on initially. Truthfully she was continuing to decline until she started this supplement.

I recommend this every chance I get."

~Amanda Ashley.



I started my 29 year old mare on Serraquin ES15 May 26th. May 30th- when she lays down it takes her several tries to get up and she lays there quite a while. Today she took a cat nap and was up before I could even go check to see if she needed help. She’s also eating her senior feed better. I noticed that first thing. Very happy so far. July 24th-still going great and have her down to one dose a day. She’s even gained some muscle. We also have our 11 year old Doberman on the capsules and he is getting up and down where as before he was whining and we had to help him. Since seeing both do so well we have put three of our competition horses on it. Such a great product.

~Samantha F





"For all of you posting and asking questions - I have a 12 yr old hurt severely at 6yrs by a shoer. Ended his career that day. This amazing gelding came thru all of it but he has fought thru pain. He always loved to roll, sleep and deeper the shavings the happier he was. He was a natural as a barrel horse but he would have been a Unicorn whatever discipline. Since his trauma he hasn’t laid down- HE DIDNT ROLL!! Not in 6 yrs. I talked to Brad. I was right where you are now asking the questions. The day I started him on Serraquin. March 2023. He was in pain. Shifting weight from one foot to other.  An arthritic knee from the past trauma. He hurt all over. I was faced with a decision soon. I started him on Serraquin ES-15. What could it hurt. He showed improvement immediately. Then about the 3 week mark it happened. After 6 years HE LAID DOWN AND ROLLED. And he keeps rolling. The Serraquin ES-15 made it possible. It contains natural NSAIDs so I don’t need Equioxx anymore. This horse plays runs and rolls. His disposition is happy again. The only thing that was expensive about getting him to this point was all the products I have used that didn’t work!! Serraquin ES-15 is worth every penny. You 8x their gut/digestive defenses and with the natural NSAIDs you eliminate in:ammation at the source, you improve joint function, digestive improvement builds a better horse whether it’s joint, soft tissue or metabolic. Remember - it’s not “just one thing” they are coping with. It’s a list of issues / symptoms. Treat the source and watch what happens. Trust me YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT SERRAQUIN ES-15."

~Beth M.




"I've used Serraquin since December and can honestly say its made a huge difference in my mare. She suffers from scar tissue adhesions, that even reoccured after surgery. Her movement is so much better, and the swelling is completely gone. I can't thank you enough for this product."

~Jessica M


07-16-23 (Picture)

06-16-23 (Testimonial)

"Your product has been a game changer for our mare! She has advanced osteoarthritis at only 6 years old, and since we bought her 2 years ago before we knew about arthritis, we would notice one of her knees would appear larger than the other every now and then, but there was no tenderness or feeling of inflammation when physically examining her.  After X-rays, we realized the change in the size of her knee was from inflammation deep within the joints of her knee (carpus). Since being on your product for about a week, there has been zero swelling!! Both knees are the same size every day, and no need for Equinox anymore! Your product has been such a blessing to us as this mare was our daughter's first horse and was in training for barrels when we started having knee pain issues. She was facing having to retire her mare before even getting to run her. Now they are able to compete again together thanks to your product! These 2 have such a special connection, and I’m so glad that their journey together can continue!”

~Mandy R.



Lizzie 20 years old AQHA mare. A broken patella left side years ago also tried to jump a gate and got hung up is our newest summer member who we started on Serraquin a month ago. When she came to us, she was sore and thin, ribs, railhead and spine all showing could barely walk. Now Lizzie is filling out runs bucks and plays. Once a hid in the bush away from the other horses sore gal now is the boss of 2 other mares. She eats a scoop of se daily with 2 scoops of magnified grain and omg success and thank you for the great product. 

Snazzy 21-year-old AQHA mare DLSD she was scheduled to be humanly euthanized a week before we found this product. I had a hard time keeping weight on her this winter she came to spring looking rough and I decided it was time. My head knew it was right, but my heart was not ready and the look in her eyes said she was not ready. So, I am already invested $7000.00 for buying my son's childhood best friend back why not try one more thing. 3 months later she is thriving (no it didn't take 3 months like 10 days) she lays down rolls runs and is fat and sassy again. 

This product is a wonderful miracle, and I cannot thank you enough for making it. 

~Melissa L






“I love this product! My mini mare is blind in one eye, and her good eye turned halfway blue one day. She has been on the product for three months now. Her one eye has pretty much gotten back to normal, and her blind eye isn’t as cloudy. We will continue to use this product- thank you!”



-Lorie W



"I have a horse with stifle arthritis that had an acute kidney injury so can no longer have NSaids. He’s been on the Serraquin ES15 for 8 weeks and just recently competed at WEF.”

~Whitney C

Serraquin-Review-DeborahG DVM.jpg




"My yearling, Jameson, participated in the APHA Youth Yearling Futurity this year. At the prep show a month before the World show he became sore on all the hard ground. I did not want to put shoes on him so I started him on the Serraquin ES. He stayed sound on all the concrete at Fort Worth and showed well. He placed seventh overall and his highest placing was fourth in showmanship. My trainer and I am very impressed with this product and now several of the show horses are on it.

Thank you, Steel Horse Formulations." 


~ Deborah Goldby, DVM.



"In just a week this helped our 11 year old Doberman. He’s getting down in his hips. He’s getting up a little faster and without whining. It has also gotten my 29 year old mare moving better and eating better. For the short amount of time I’ve used it I saw results fairly quickly.”


~Samantha F



“This stuff is the ONLY stuff that has truly worked for my horse so far! He has right front lameness from thin soles and gets sore every shoeing. With just 2 scoops, he is so much better in just a few days.”

~ Heather W.



"My mare, Miss Poco Luna, has been on this for 1 & ½ months. Her coat is unbelievably shiny, but most importantly, her back ankles have gone down! What I have noticed most is that when I start riding, she moves out freely in a walk and extends out in a trot! I’m excited to start back working barrels and see how she does. So far, I am amazed by this product and have put my other mare on it!”


~Pamela N.

PeggyFSerraquin ES15-Review.jpg


"I just wanted to let you know that Chips has been on it for about two weeks. He was considered completely blind in his best looking eye and shadows in his sunken eye that we thought had been removed. Chips is a 24yr old registered APHA stallion that my partner and I got out of the kill pen. No teeth due to not being cared for the right way


When I started him on the formula, he had a lot of white flakes in his "good looking" eye. After two weeks most of the whiteness is gone and his eye has a more normal look. Here is at the beginning. Will get another pic and post. Will keep you updated! 


~Peggy A F.



"I bought the Horse product and also the one for dogs. My 210 pound Mastiff was having trouble getting his hind legs under him to stand up and walk. He was dragging himself around --- 4 capsules 2x a day, and after two days he started to improve, and now after 10 days he is getting his legs up under himself and standing with very little effort!!!”

~Michel D.


“Update 06-05-23

Meet the CMU Ladies National Team: Quote from Interview

What is one thing that you always have in the trailer when you go to a rodeo?

"Serraquin ES 15 and Ice Cube gum"

"Looking forward to the CNFR! Can’t believe it’s only a week away. I’ve already got my ice cube gum and Serraquin ES-15 packed." ~ Wylee Mitchell

Previous Testimonial 12-13-23

For the past few years, he has been favoring his left ankle. We had him injected, which helped, but we could see a noticeable change in his gate and performance. I saw your ad on FB and read up on the product. We put him on it about 4-5 months ago. He has been a different horse since. His old style of running is coming back. He was getting by the first barrel, not wanting to turn hard, and now he is back to running in hard and almost overworking it. He recently won the first round of the Big Time in Las Vegas, NV. In the 2nd round, he overworked first and barely took it down on the way out. He had a remarkable run, and my daughter pulled him up and loped home still to be the 3rd fastest time of the race. I also have a 3/4 brother to this gelding that I run. He also made it to the contender round (top 10) of the American last year. He has shown issues with his knees and gets maintenance on them. Since we have had him on your product, we have noticed a significant change in him. He runs gritty and has a cow horse style; he wanted to get by them, almost like it hurt to come around the backside. He is back to wrapping them. His stomach problems have also seemed to decrease. We have also noticed a big difference in him when we saddle him and his nervous jigs at the gate. He isn't biting at me or laying his ears back when saddled.

Thank you for your time, and we are now happy to say that we are faithful clients of your product."

~Rita Cheeney & Wylee Mitchell



"This stuff is the ONLY stuff that has truly worked for my horse so far! He has right front lameness from thin soles and gets sore every shoeing. With just 2 scoops he is so much better in just a few days. Unfortunately, 4 scoops loading dose made him a bit silly, but 2 scoops works. Once the shoeing settles, I go down to one scoop which works fine.”

~Heather Leslie Weinberger



Thank you!!...I have gotten the pills the last couple times I ordered but thought I might give the horse containers a try and ordered 2 horse jugs this time. I was giving him about 4 pills 2x a day but it really helps him! Got him through hunting season without any previcox when I kept him on this...he is Big Lab 10yrs old and loves to hunt yet I hate to see him get sore and I don't like giving Previcox unless this was a great alternative! Almost worked better than Previcox as long as I was consistent feeding it. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Harder to come by one that truly works these days with so many flooding the market!

Appreciate it when I find one that actually does what it says😉👍”


ShayE-Serraquinfor dogs-Testimonial.jpg


Additional Testimonial for Shay on Canine Companion 

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful this product is. I have seen a huge benefit to my horse but i also feed it to my dog. Two years ago, my registered 4-year-old German shepherd started having skin issues. She was treated for yeast infection but we continued to battle this for 2 years. 2 years! of broken itchy skin, loosing hair, miserable. the only relief i could get her was from a steroid shot and both my vets said they would only give her 1 shot, because steroids are bad for the liver and kidneys. She was taking a double dose of antihistamines twice a day and when i complained that it wasn't helping one vet told me to double the dose. It literally made my dog a zombie. She slept all day and night with drool coming out of her mouth and couldn't maintain standing up. I was afraid I was going to have to put her down. But I started putting 1/4 teaspoon of Serraquin powder from my horse on her feed twice a day. Holy cow! We don't have a skin issue anymore! She's totally healed and has maintained her quality coat for the past year. I waited for that year before letting you know, because i really thought the summer heat would bring the issue back with a vengeance, but it hasn't. I see posts on Facebook all the time about animal skin issues. Tell them Serraquin heals that too! I can barely afford my tub each month, but I can't afford NOT to feed it to both my horse and dog. It's a wonderful product. Thank you so much!”

~Shay Ewing


Update 05-24-23

"Tuffy had all 4 hooves trimmed by his farrier yesterday! He had a horrible tendon injury! He was injured January 2023. I have seen improvements since starting this product. Our other 3 horses are also given this product and improvements are great!!!!."


"We have 4 horses on Serraquin ES15 and we are finishing our first container and just ordered the next one yesterday.
I have noticed imp
rovements in all 4!
Major-moonblindness (less cloudy)
Trooper-ringbone- looks more comfortable as he strolls around.
Tuffy- sustained an injury only a small percentage of horses ever have. (Tendon injury of lower leg) swelling is lessened; he is also not as itchy from no see ums.
Jodi - (mother of Tuffy), she is not as itchy from no see ums. She is also less “creaky” when she walks
We are happy to have started including Serraquin ES15 in our horses.😇”

~Bubba Andrews



My name is Linda Cialdea. I am writing to you complete awe of your product!

My horse Cooper is a 7 yr old Percheron cross whom sustained a deep digital flexor tendon injury to his right hind leg. He is a spirited large youngster who gets into trouble while turned out. I started using your product as directed within two weeks of his ultrasound diagnosis. Upon his 8 week recheck, he was 90% healed! 

My vet was amazed and I was thrilled. I have kept him on this product I believe since late October early November 2022. In January Cooper again had a paddock mishap. The lameness was in his left hind this time. No real swelling or obvious sight of injury. It took weekly visits from my vet to finally find the issue. He had strained the meniscus of the stifle joint. I was asked by 3 separate vets what antiinflammatory I was using. I said none! We had thought he would be better off being a low level walk trot horse instead of our goals of training level eventing. I opted to do PRP and forego surgery.  Much to my surprise, Cooper is 100% sound and the injury has resolved! I am absolutely positive this is due to your product! Rehabbing a young horse in New England is almost impossible, but I believe your product had much to do with his recovery and keeping the inflammation minimal.

We are now looking forward to a promising show season. Thank you for reading this long story! 

~Linda C. & Cobblecreek(Cooper)




Extremely happy I ordered Serraquin ES15 for my horses! After less than 5 days of being on Serraquin ES15 my horses felt more relaxed, happy and comfortable. Sometimes you have a gut feeling you are missing something but you do not know where or what? Thank You! Excited to be part of the team!

~Jaime G.

Pegasus Riders
In January, Cowboy, Maddy’s dwarf miniature pony that she has been training for liberty, came up unexpectedly lame.

Over the course of the last three months, he has been seen by a team of veterinarians, an equine chiropractor and multiple farriers to determine the cause of the lameness.

Nothing could be determined as the cause, yet he continued to digress until he could bear little weight and it was difficult to even walk. His appetite decreased and his mood was dark.

Then, with little hope what to do, Cowboy was given Serraquin ES15 supplement. Within 3 days of starting the supplement, Cowboy’s pain was relieved, his appetite returned, mood lifted, and, though not 100% sound, he was back to moving freely and playing with Maddy.

Last week in a continued quest to determine the cause of his lameness, Cowboy was seen by another veterinarian specialist. The cause of his soundness issue was finally revealed through multiple tests. Cowboy has an irreparable broken shoulder, an injury that dwarf minis are predisposed based on anatomy issues that this breed often has.

We are so glad that we found Serraquin ES15 as it brought us the gift of time. It has improved Cowboy’s quality of life in the journey to discover the cause of his lameness. A broken shoulder is a major issue. Yet, with this product, his pain was alleviated.

We are unsure how we are going to proceed with Cowboy’s care, but we know until decisions are made that he won’t go a day without Serraquin ES15 to relieve his pain.

Because of this product’s amazing results with Cowboy, the Pegasus Riders are excited to announce that they are partnering with Steel Horse Formulations, the maker of Serraquin ES15.

We can’t wait to give this product to all our Pegasus Riders’ equine partners to keep them feeling and performing their best.

~Pegasus Riders

Maddy Gatrel & Liberty Cunningham




We bought a mare with an old injury to the stifle. X-ray findings revealed a cyst and DJD. We weren’t given the best prognosis, but I wasn’t ready to give up on this mare. We spent a few thousand dollars in veterinarian suggested treatments that would only keep her sound for short periods without high stress. I came across Steel Horse Formulations FB page and decided to give it a try. It’s been an amazing change. This mare is moving completely sound! We have started her back under a saddle and she has shown zero signs of discomfort. She has slowly started back tracking steers and loping the barrel pattern flawlessly. That’s not all!  With this old injury, maybe a fall, but her face was also affected. She had a tear to her lip and her eye twitched and stayed runny(like uveitis) and this has completely cleared! We have only been through the smaller container, but the results have been so encouraging!​

~ Sherry Giacone