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"I was gifted Serraquin ES15 by a dear friend in August 2019. My horse went lame in May 2019. He was diagnosed with enlarged sensory tendons (hind bilateral) with resulting compartment syndrome. He had bilateral hind fasciotomy and neurectomy in June. There was limited progress in the ultrasound by August but not much. I had my horse on another supplement that was, quite frankly, way more expensive.

After 6 weeks on Serraquin ES15, my vet was astounded with his ultrasound. Today, was another 2 month ultrasound, and the recovery and healing is incredible! Clear lines, very limited cloudiness and barely any bulging or malalignment!
I will keep my horse on this product forever! He’s 18 and this supplement will help him thrive and keep him healthy and strong until the day God wants him in Heaven!"

~Ellen Best -English & Western Pleasure Rider


I’ve had my 22 year old retired Grand Prix horse on Serraquin for several months. This horse has torn his suspensory several times and has struggled with soundness. Since starting him on serraquin he has been sounder than ever and is able to continue jumping, which he loves!!

Georgie Murray ~ Grand Prix Jumper & Head Trainer at Dapple Gray Farms



After my barrel and breakaway horse,  Preacher, sustained a suspensory ligament injury, I started feeding him Serraquin ES15, and after just a few months, I'm able to begin an exercise regiment so that he can return to the arena!   


"I think this is a super product, I've got the go ahead from my vet to start legging up my horse!" 😀  

Teri James -

2x WPRA Turquoise Circuit Barrel Racing Qualifier, 2x WPRA Turquoise Circuit Breakaway Roping Year-End Champion, WPRA Turquoise Circuit Team Roping Heeling Year End Champion


Five years ago my horse Iceman was diagnosed with Moon Blindness. I gave him all of the typical veterinary protocols that were recommended but these only helped for a period of time.  I knew they would only mask the problem and not the root cause. After about 2 yrs of using these standard protocols which were Prednisone, and eye ointments (steroids) something had to change. At that point I decided to take him off all the medications and put it him on Serraquin ES15 only! Since that day his eye has not only greatly improved but it has not progressed at all!  I had only wished I started him on this sooner! 

~Brad Custer - Team Roper


I acquired a 5 yr old kill pen Rescue. My goal is to do Endurance Riding/trail on him. In addition to a good diet, I started him on Serraquin ES15. He had thrush and a protein deficiency among other things, but look at him now after 3 months of Serraquin! I put my other 2 on it as well after seeing how well it worked for the new guy. My other bay has a bone chip in his fetlock and although sound for trail riding, did get sore with long trots. I managed him with Equioxx, but since Serraquin, he is now off that and much more comfortable and forward on trail. My Black horse (another Rescue) likes to nibble on our pasture Pepper trees and gets loose manure. That has also ceased since putting him on Serraquin and his grumpy attitude has perked up as well. I love this product and recommend it!

Deb Merrill ~ Competitive Endurance Rider

Meet Airtime aka Archie an German Oldenburg . I have owned this horse since he was 5 and now is 14. We have had multiple soundness issues over the years in which I believe he was never really diagnosed properly. I had been told he was navicular, had a superficial digital tendon tear, bone cysts etc. We did everything recommended as the normal protocols of practical medicines...injections, NSAID's, you name it we did it while spending thousands of dollars. Since we were in the field  of providing natural supplements for people specifically using systemic enzymes, I decided to go the alternative route. With just a little time off and the use of Serraquin ES15. I've never seen this horse more sound since the day he came into my life! Seeing is Believing! To be continued ....

Olivia Custer ~ Hunter Jumper & Team Roper

We are adding new testimonials consistently and look forward to each and every one we get to hear & share! Serraquin ES15 is an amazing product which contains ingredients that have helped thousands of people for decades with proven results for all types of inflammatory conditions. We as true horse people have wanted to bring this product to the market for over 20 years. With dedication, determination, and blood sweat and tears we are finally able to bring this product to market because we love and cherish your horses like their our own.


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