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38 can look this GREAT!

“This is our 38 yr old mare who has been on Serraquin ES15.


It has done her wonders! - 

Loree Ann

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Serraquin ES15 is a product we can't live without! We had trouble putting weight on one of our geldings and after a few short weeks on Serraquin he is finally at a healthy weight and his coat has improved as well!"

Teryn M.

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My mare with EPM is off of vet meds, I recently started her on this product..going on 2 weeks, seeing some improvement..she is also on equioxx for nerve pain, hoping I can wean her off with the Serraquin,,,will post her results as time goes. Seems to be helping her overall wellness"

Jenna H

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"Serraquin ES-15 is one of the staples I use in my program! I've tested other products using similar enzyme formulations , but they do not compare. Depending on the needs of the horse, I will incorporate it with other supplementations, but this is a MUST in my barn!" 

Charity Swift Performance Horses



“I'm so thankful I came across Steel Horse Formulations! I now have 6 horses on this including myself and I have RA. Some are just on it for prevention a couple older broodmares with issues are on it as well. I'm not one that puts alot of faith in supplements but Steel Horse Formulations is completely different because it’s primarily made up of systemic enzymes that directly targets inflammatory conditions. You can look up the ingredients on places like MD Anderson to check out the healing and inflammatory contents. Thank you to Brad Custer for coming up with this life changing formulation. And no I don't sell this product or get any commission for this testimony.” - Kim M

Kim Miller ~ Dee Lux Performance Horses

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I started my Olde English Bulldog on Serraquin on 12/30/21. He is old, has arthritis, and joint issues. So far we have noticed that he is shedding considerably less. He has always had an odor about him and bathing didn't seem to help, but now he is stink free. So far so good!

Ambi S

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"I started my horse on this product and amazing results! His hock looks better than it has looked in 2 years!" -

Elisa T.

This horse had been receiving hock injections for the past two years without a noticeable difference. After only 30 days on Serraquin ES15, the second photo shows a dramatic difference in appearance after injections paired with Serraquin ES15.

Elisa T



I started Steel Horse Formulations on my crippled mare a few months ago. She is the one with all the white in the video. Very skeptical but I wanted to see if I could find something that would give her more relief. She has an old stifle injury, bog spavin and throughpin. She's had these injuries for years and could hardly walk sometimes always dragging her rear toe to the point of wearing it off. She had been on previcox and a joint supplement that did keep her walking slowly. Today she is only on the Steel horse formula, check out her video and no I don't sell the stuff or get a discount lol... I'm taking the dog formula myself, it's helping my RA.

Kim Miller



I noticed a difference in less than a week with my 9 yr old Border Collie. It is a real good product. Highly recommend it!




“My dog has gained more weight and has more energy than he did before! He acts and feels much better! - Teryn Muench

Teryn Muench Performance Horses

After only a few weeks on Serraquin ES15 for dogs, Teryn has noticed a difference in his dog and you can too!

Teryn Muench




Started using "Serraquin ES15" for Kernal. He is doing fantastic! It seems to be doing what it proclaims!! He is enjoying roping a heck of a lot more!!

Thank you!

Carol Paris Ludwig



Just purchased this a few weeks ago for my mare with an old stifle injury. This mare's mobility was getting worse each year. I'm a believer now. Yesterday to my surprise was loping in the pasture. I was amazed!

Try it you won't be disappointed!

Kim Miller



“Cub Fan is a 5 year-old Standardbred gelding that was an exceptionally good 2 year old pacer, earning more than $45,000 and taking his 2 year old record of 1:53.1. His 3 year-old season looked like it was starting out the same way as his 2 year old season with wins in his first 2 qualifiers. But as bad luck would have it his 3 year-old racing campaign was cut short by some unfortunate circumstances. In his last start, he made a serious break and cut both of his front tendons. He developed a very serious infection. The cuts on his legs were healing slowly and it was determined at that time that he would most likely not race again. He was slated to go to auction and I stepped in and asked if I could buy him, instead the owner gifted him to me about 3 months after his tendon injury.
Over the last 2 years, his front legs acquired quite a bit of scar tissue that did not look like it was ever going to resolve. In January of this year, he developed a very bad case of EPM to the point where he was almost euthanized twice. He was on heavy doses of anti-inflammatories, daily doses for over 3 months of EPM medications, and Ulcergard to protect his stomach from the Bute. It seemed every time I tried to wean him off the bute, he would relapse. So, I needed to find something that could be used as an anti-inflammatory but would not upset his stomach. As I was doing my research and looking for such a solution, I came across Serraquin ES15 and decided to try it. I am very glad I did. I was able to wean my horse off the bute, with no relapses. His digestive issues also resolved without the continued use of Ulcergard and the scar tissue in his front legs seems to be resolving as well. I also believe that it has helped the inflammatory issues brought about by the EPM. 
If you look at him today, he looks normal, does not look like he has any neurological deficits from his EPM. He walks straight with no sidewinding, does not list to one side or the other, has been trotting and galloping almost completely sound and it looks like he will make a complete recovery from the EPM. I plan on doing some ultrasounds on his front tendons to see where we are with the scar tissue and if those turn out as good as I think they will, he might eventually return to his racehorse career. 
I have recommended this product to other trainers and it seems to be helping their horses too!”

Rachel Ellen Morris



Thank you Martha Faraday and Brad Custer for referral to Serraquin @Steel Horse Formulations for helping our yearling filly.

Our filly was injured in the hock joint 1.5 months ago. Vet put her on exceed for the first month with topical treatment, she was still lame after a month. Vet gave her a very poor prognosis, would likely be 3 legged. Put her on Serraquin and Immubiomed for 2 weeks with vet prescribed penicillin and gentamicin for 1 week....now she's much better!!

Kacey Finney




My 14 yr old eventer had been stiff to warm up and then one day came out totally lame. I gave her a couple days off and still totally lame. I went out of town and had the vet come check her a week and a half later for her to be totally sound. All flexions were great. She has large wind puffs on all 4 legs which have drastically reduced in size since being on this product. The only thing that has changed is 2 weeks on Serraquin. She feels better than she has since I have owned her. She’s no longer stiff when she gets started and now completely sound. It feels like a miracle. So grateful I stumbled on this product. I plan to keep this product around my barn at all times. Already have a few friends who have placed an order. Looking forward to seeing them have similar results as I have.

Jennifer Row, Eventer

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06-30-21 (Update)

Dear Brad,

I just want to let you know we have continued using your product and my horse is now back out competing in dressage and doing pretty well !!! So we are now hoping to start jumping again next week.

i can hardly believe it- I thought this horse would only ever be able to hack. 


I want to thank you for your product and support XXXX!



My name is Alison Park, and I have a 7 year old horse who 7 months ago had both legs de-nerved due to inflammed suspensorys- from the initial scans there was no damage to fibers and fibers were alligned but just that the casements where too tight.


I have gone through a full recovery programme set by my Vet and physio and had re-scanns post operation at 6 weeks and 22weeks and all swelling is gone and there is no bulge around operation site and feed back from the vets was very positive.


However we still appear to have a 'tightness' when he is asked to do transitions and he is reluctant to move from behind and carry himself (  he used to work easily in a balanced and forward way).


This horse was working  to be at medium dressage level  and jumping 1.10m but we have never yet made it to a competition!!

Alison Park




This product(Serraquin ES15) has really helped my mare who tore a rear suspensory and has the onset of DSLD.


I definitely recommend it. nothing else has helped except this product.

Anne Knightly



Serraquin ES15 I started using this product about two months ago on a 19-year-old Mare that was really stiff on her front and having a lot of issues and within the first month she’s back to walking pretty much normal moving around extremely fluid to where we don’t have to give her dope any more to ride her she’s feeling better you can see it in her eyes she feels much better it’s fun to have this 19-year-old horse back she’s my performance horses we heel off of and it’s just fabulous product the people that you deal with are awesome because you’re dealing with the owner this product is great and I am so glad that I found it!

Thank you Brad Custer!

Josh Neely



"Tank is a 7 year old Gelding that is our main head horse that I trained, and has been since his late four year old year. He has been shown in the ARHA, WSTR. He has over $60,000 in earnings and continues to compete at the highest levels. We started noticing wind puffs around his front and hind ankles. Also he was starting to show signs of soreness in his hocks and shoulders. We have been to equine chiropractors, veterinarians, you name it. We where starting to wonder if this great horses career would be cut short. After seeing several ads for Serraquin ES15 which was sponsored by a good friend Matt Sherwood. I called Matt and asked him if this stuff really worked? He said trust me and try it! After using it for the first few weeks I started seeing a difference in Tank. He was feeling fresher in his exercise days. And running harder to the steer, and flat out trying harder. I felt like I was back on the three year old that we first fell in love with. After a month the wind puffs were gone. Tank has never felt better and we plan on continuing to use this product because it works! We have since started giving it to all our performance horses. We love products that work because we love our horses. Thanks for making a product we can trust."

Rusty Rich

RR- Quarter Horses

Owner of "Tha Rock" AQHA Jr Cutting Horse of the Year 2020



This is my 19 year old paint mare "Kandi."

She came up lame about 4 months ago and we found out she has a suspensory ligament injury. Apparently it is chronic and the ligament is several times the size it should be, with built up scar tissue. The vet had me stall rest her and gave her an injection of some sort. He said if this didn't work we would more than likely have to do injections or surgery. She never did get better, and I really didn't want to start injections on a 19 year old, none the less have an expensive surgery. I happened upon Steel Horse scrolling thru Facebook one day and decided to try it. 4 weeks later and she is 99% better! I only say 99% because I have not worked her yet!

I would recommend this for anyone with this type of lameness. An awesome product and a company with Exceptional customer service! I can't wait to see what another month or two will do!

Thank you Steel Horse for helping my mare!!!

Shalla Roesler



"I've been using Serraquin ES15 for about 6 months on my good rope horse and she has a big knee that has always made her move around pretty stiff. Since using Serraquin ES15 she has been moving better than she has in years with more flexibility. The only thing I have changed is putting her on Serraquin ES15. She's feeling better and I know it's helping her! It's made all the difference in the world!"

-Matt Sherwood 2 Time NFR World Champion | 8 Time NFR Qualifier | George Strait Team Roping Classic Champion | Houston Livestock Show Champion

Video Testimonial with Matt Sherwood


- Martha M. Faraday, Ph.D.Equine Nutritionist


"I am a scientist and equine nutritionist.  I specialize in helping owners who have horses that are sick or injured or have chronic conditions that are difficult to manage.  I am always looking for outstanding products that are safe and effective and complement nutritional protocols.  I started using Serraquin ES15  for my 20 year old Friesian, Ari.  Ari has severe upper and lower ringbone in both front legs as a consequence of improper use and untended injuries before he came to us at age 14.  Ari was on three joint supplements and the maximum safe dose of Equioxx for his weight, still had trouble walking, and was grade 3/4 lame on his left front.  My vet was skeptical that an enzyme-based product would make any difference -- but I am a scientist and I checked the science; it was compelling to me.  I started Ari on Serraquin ES 15 .  After six weeks, he was not only able to walk comfortably but he also could trot several hundred yards without limping.  We were able to discontinue two of the joint supplements and reduce his dose of Equioxx.  As he continues to improve, we will taper the Equioxx further.  He is happy and comfortable!

All horses matter.  It is particularly satisfying to see Ari feel so much better because he worked so hard as a young horse.  He was the horse in the 2005 movie "The Legend of Zorro"  Click Link below

Video Clip of Arie in Legends of Zorro

Having proof from Ari, I now incorporate Serraquin ES15 into protocols for horses that need control of pain, inflammation, fibrosis, and scarring. Every owner that has tried that I know has seen improvement."   



I am a team roper and horse trainer and Serraquin has helped my horses immensely. unfortunately in team roping injuries to horses happen occasionally because we ask our equine athletes for so much and they are willing to give us everything they have. I've got a 13 y.o head horse right now that has a big knee and I've been giving him Serraquin ES15. I am amazed with the improvements he has made in his soundness, his eating habits, and his overall behavior. He is ready to go again. Thank you Brad and Olivia for introducing me to Serraquin.

Cole Sherwood, Professional Team Roper



Just started (1 week) my foundered/with rotation Arabian mare on this product. She had bleeding with her last farrier appointment and within the first week, it has stopped. Another abscess is healing quicker. I'll keep using for at least this month to see if she can finally come off her Equioxx!! Very impressed!

Mary Sotis- Horse Enthusiast


"I was gifted Serraquin ES15 by a dear friend in August 2019. My horse went lame in May 2019. He was diagnosed with enlarged sensory tendons (hind bilateral) with resulting compartment syndrome. He had bilateral hind fasciotomy and neurectomy in June. There was limited progress in the ultrasound by August but not much. I had my horse on another supplement that was, quite frankly, way more expensive.

After 6 weeks on Serraquin ES15, my vet was astounded with his ultrasound. Today, was another 2 month ultrasound, and the recovery and healing is incredible! Clear lines, very limited cloudiness and barely any bulging or malalignment!
I will keep my horse on this product forever! He’s 18 and this supplement will help him thrive and keep him healthy and strong until the day God wants him in Heaven!"

~Ellen Best -English & Western Pleasure Rider


I’ve had my 22 year old retired Grand Prix horse on Serraquin for several months. This horse has torn his suspensory several times and has struggled with soundness. Since starting him on serraquin he has been sounder than ever and is able to continue jumping, which he loves!!

Georgie Murray ~ Grand Prix Jumper & Head Trainer at Dapple Gray Farms



After my barrel and breakaway horse,  Preacher, sustained a suspensory ligament injury, I started feeding him Serraquin ES15, and after just a few months, I'm able to begin an exercise regiment so that he can return to the arena!   


"I think this is a super product, I've got the go ahead from my vet to start legging up my horse!" 😀  

Teri James -

2x WPRA Turquoise Circuit Barrel Racing Qualifier, 2x WPRA Turquoise Circuit Breakaway Roping Year-End Champion, WPRA Turquoise Circuit Team Roping Heeling Year End Champion


Five years ago my horse Iceman was diagnosed with Moon Blindness. I gave him all of the typical veterinary protocols that were recommended but these only helped for a period of time.  I knew they would only mask the problem and not the root cause. After about 2 yrs of using these standard protocols which were Prednisone, and eye ointments (steroids) something had to change. At that point I decided to take him off all the medications and put it him on Serraquin ES15 only! Since that day his eye has not only greatly improved but it has not progressed at all!  I had only wished I started him on this sooner! 

~Brad Custer - Team Roper


I acquired a 5 yr old kill pen Rescue. My goal is to do Endurance Riding/trail on him. In addition to a good diet, I started him on Serraquin ES15. He had thrush and a protein deficiency among other things, but look at him now after 3 months of Serraquin! I put my other 2 on it as well after seeing how well it worked for the new guy. My other bay has a bone chip in his fetlock and although sound for trail riding, did get sore with long trots. I managed him with Equioxx, but since Serraquin, he is now off that and much more comfortable and forward on trail. My Black horse (another Rescue) likes to nibble on our pasture Pepper trees and gets loose manure. That has also ceased since putting him on Serraquin and his grumpy attitude has perked up as well. I love this product and recommend it!

Deb Merrill ~ Competitive Endurance Rider

Meet Airtime aka Archie an German Oldenburg . I have owned this horse since he was 5 and now is 14. We have had multiple soundness issues over the years in which I believe he was never really diagnosed properly. I had been told he was navicular, had a superficial digital tendon tear, bone cysts etc. We did everything recommended as the normal protocols of practical medicines...injections, NSAID's, you name it we did it while spending thousands of dollars. Since we were in the field  of providing natural supplements for people specifically using systemic enzymes, I decided to go the alternative route. With just a little time off and the use of Serraquin ES15. I've never seen this horse more sound since the day he came into my life! Seeing is Believing! To be continued ....

Olivia Custer ~ Hunter Jumper & Team Roper

We are adding new testimonials consistently and look forward to each and every one we get to hear & share! Serraquin ES15 is an amazing product which contains ingredients that have helped thousands of people for decades with proven results for all types of inflammatory conditions. We as true horse people have wanted to bring this product to the market for over 20 years. With dedication, determination, and blood sweat and tears we are finally able to bring this product to market because we love and cherish your horses like their our own.


Steel Horse Formulations ~