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Our Story 

Steel Horse Formulations was developed for our equine athletes & companions with a love and passion for horses and with 25 plus years of experience with systemic enzymes and their proven success for inflammation, scar tissue & pain for people. We are not only horse people, but we are a company that prides itself on our expertise and knowledge of systemic enzymes and their benefits on many types of inflammatory conditions.

Unlike most supplemental companies out there, Steel Horse Formulations began with the experience and knowledge of using systemic enzyme therapy for humans extending across the world in over 80 countries. Therefore, we decided to introduce this amazing therapy to the forefront of the equestrian world. Not only have we had this experience with enzymes, but we have been lucky enough to be involved with performance horses for even longer. With all the supplements for horses on the market today, we felt it necessary to share this one-of-a-kind therapy for equine lameness.

​We know what it takes to keep our four-legged athletes sound, healthy and ready to perform. It isn’t always easy, as we all know horses will find a way to hurt themselves, even in a rubber room! After countless years and many discussions with the number one enzymologist in the world, we were finally able to introduce Serraquin ES15™ to the market! The bar has been raised to unparalleled heights in the fight against equine inflammation & scar tissue related conditions.

​With our background with horses from living on a ranch to competing in rodeo and in the show ring we know how much it takes to keep them sound and ready to compete at the highest level.

​As true horse people with extensive knowledge and decades of experience with systemic enzymes and their tremendous benefits & successes with people, we know how much this product will help and we know you and your horse will see and feel the difference.

We are a Company of our Word.



Brad Custer, CEO & Founder

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